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Better Rules Hack

Attending the Horizon State get-together (June 29th at TheBasement@Basestation) is a great launchpad for getting involved in an event where you can get hands-on and create digital technology to improve the democratic processes which affect you – as business owners and community leaders.

Venture Centre will host an event at TheBasement@Basestation called Better Rules Hack happening Saturday the 28th until Sunday the 29th of July.

The ‘hack’ is a two-day learn-by-doing workshop style event giving people a chance to apply government policy and legislation which affects them as reusable code in order to reduce the time, cost and complication involved in dealing with government today.

All skill levels are welcome - if you can turn on a computer, you can take part. If you are a developer or programmer who is interested in applying your skills to improve the way society functions you are welcome.

Better Rules Hack is coming to Tauranga thanks to the partnership created between central governments DIA Service Innovation Lab, LegalHackersNZ and Venture Centre

All three organisations share an open, community-led approach – making the opportunity to design digital tools and services to improve how government, councils, business and communities work available to everyone who wants to learn-by-doing and have an input.

The event links Wellington’s open government innovation experts with the Bay’s digital enablement project implementation team based in Tauranga. Participate in the hands-on hackathon to build technology for your sector, industry or community using digital rules. You can be part of creating machine-consumable code which can be reused and integrated across domains to benefit businesses, individuals and communities.

Beyond the satisfaction of learning, collaborating and problem-solving among fellow entrepreneurs, curious souls, youth, business owners, not-for-profit and local government staff, designers and techies you can win prizes. Participation is free, though registration is required.

Hackathon participants of all ages will build a working demonstrator using digital rules from more than one source such as legislation from multiple agencies or trade agreements (links to examples will be supplied). Teams will showcase their digital rules and explain how they made them consumable to everyone.

Find more details here and register to take part by going to

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